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Entrance to the Seafaring Town Svendborg

Experiences in cooperation with b&b at Skårupøre and Skarø

Compose your own symphony of experiences
Follow the ferry to the bottom with 12 cameras
Line-crossing ceremony with King Neptune
Cheerful stories about life in the archipelago
Stay by the sea • bnb in Skaarupoere
Visit Svendborg Maritime Museum
This site offers experiences, guided tours of Svendborg and the archipelago. But also storytelling at two privately owned museums in Svendborg and the small Island Skaroe. You can stay at SummerPension Skaroe or airbnb in the family house direct to the sea in Skaarupoere. Contact Lise and Bjarne Bekker at 6323 0000 or Both places can be reserved for one or a maximum of 8 persons. Both places have child-friendly bathing beach at the door. If you choose to stay at Skarø the facilities at Fulton Museum is included. If you choose Skårupøre there is free access to Svendborg Maritime Museum. Request further information on +45 6323 0000 or send an email to Read more...
bnb Skaroe by ferry, Caroline or Wooden ship.
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